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Marcus Smart

Takeaways from Marcus Smart's four-year, $52 million contract . . .

1. The Celtics took care of their own

Based on the market, it did not appear that Smart had many options. His skills fit a very specific kind of team -- namely, a contender -- and that limited his...Read more

The American League technically consists of 15 teams, but we only need to care about three of them.

The Red Sox, Yankees, and Astros have dominated the AL since Opening Day. If the second half plays out like the first, the Red Sox will finish with 112 wins, followed by the Yankees (105)...Read more

The weather is perfect. The Red Sox are dominating and seemed poised to strengthen their roster at the deadline. LeBron is in the West and has poetically landed on the hated Lakers. The Celtics are negotiating with Marcus Smart, and the return of football and the Patriots is on the horizon....Read more

In an ironic twist, the death knell for the Boston Herald might have arrived when it was purchased at a bankruptcy auction. Under usual circumstances, news of the sale probably would’ve garnered at least cautious optimism. Instead, it was a day of despair. The Grim Reaper now owns Boston’s only...Read more

As expected as Riley Nash’s departure was, it still stung.

He signed a three-year, $8.25 million contract with the Blue Jackets during free agency, leaving the Bruins with a very specific role to replace.

Nash had a career 15-26--41 season in 76 games.


Replacing him...Read more

Kawhi Leonard

The Toronto Raptors just got a lot better. It doesn't matter. The Celtics remain the best team in the Eastern Conference.

In swapping All-Star DeMar DeRozan and some bit pieces to the Spurs for disgruntled All-Star Kawhi Leonard and three-and-D specialist Danny Green, the Toronto Raptors...Read more

Mookie Betts grand slam Blue Jays Red Sox

We've been hearing about Bryce Harper's impending free agency for five years.

An All-Star at 19 and an MVP at 22, Harper is the most tantalizing talent to hit the market in his prime since 25-year-old Alex Rodriguez fleeced Rangers owner Tom Hicks for $252 million in 2001.

Harper...Read more

Dave Dombrowski has already sacrificed most of the Red Sox’ farm system and pushed them right up against the luxury tax in order to build the best team in the American League. He might as well finish the job. 

The Red Sox own the best record in baseball (68-30) and are steamrolling the...Read more

Xander Bogaerts grand slam

It's easy to forget, but for the first two weeks of April, we discussed Xander Bogaerts in terms since reserved for Mookie Betts.

We called him dynamic. We called him an MVP candidate. We called him baseball's breakout star.

Then he slid into Fenway's visiting dugout chasing a pop-up...Read more

The list of Red Sox needs prior to the trade deadline goes something like this: reliever, second baseman, reliever, reliever, reliever, backup catcher.

But here's a useful item missing from that shopping cart: right-handed starter.

The American League is essentially a three-team race...Read more