Hannable: Tom vs. Time epilogue wasn’t about getting inside look at Tom Brady’s life, it was to get message out

Ryan Hannable
September 05, 2018 - 10:41 pm

Charles LeClaire/USA Today Sports


Tom Brady is one of the best in the game at calling audibles at the line of scrimmage and changing the play.

The quarterback called an audible off the field and released an epilogue to his popular docu-series Tom vs. Time on Wednesday.

The original plan was to just have six episodes released around the Super Bowl last year, but after the initial series had wrapped up there was a change — Brady wanted more.

It was clear the epilogue wasn’t in the original plans, as it didn’t have even close to as much footage as the other episodes. The only new footage was Brady and his family on vacation this summer in Qatar. The rest was Brady sitting on his couch at his home speaking some time in August.  

The theme of the episode was also completely different from the other six. The whole point of the docu-series was to give fans an inside look at Brady’s life away from the football field. Aside from the opening 30 seconds, the epilogue was not about that at all. There was a different reason for the epilogue and it’s quite clear it was for Brady to get a message out on how things are going to go moving forward.

The beginning and end were a lot of what we already knew: Brady needed to have a different offseason so he could spend more time with his family and give them the attention they deserve, and he also plans on playing until he’s 45 years old. While this wasn’t anything new, the middle parts were and that was what Brady wanted to get out.

“If I’m going to do something at this point, it’s going to be because I enjoy it,” Brady said in the epilogue. “The last couple of years, a lot of parts about football weren’t enjoyable when they should have been. Some of it was my approach, and I think anytime you’re together with people for a long period of time, relationships ebb and flow, and I think people are just looking for something to write and talk about. They wanted to talk about a lot of drama, and I’m sure a lot of teams have things like that, but ours is just to the 10th degree. 

“You learn to deal with it better. I just don’t give a [expletive] that much anymore about anything. I think a lot of keeping things in perspective, like, nothing’s that big a deal to me anymore. And maybe I’m just caring about certain things that really matter, like my family, like people’s health, like life and death. But to worry about a lot of [expletive] that people say or think or feel, I really don’t care anymore.”

It isn’t like Brady could say this in a press conference, a statement, or even a social media post. It needed to come directly from his mouth and this was the best way to do it. The timing was also not a coincidence — just a few days before the season starts and also pushing back his first regular season press conference until Friday so what he said in Tom vs. Time remained the story of the day.

There was no other reason to even release the epilogue besides to get the message out that No. 1, the rumors of there being some tension within the organization are absolutely true, and No. 2, he’s done talking about certain subjects.

He already showed that over the last month when he ended his first media availability when his personal trainer Alex Guerrero’s name was brought up with Julian Edelman’s suspension and then he hung up on Kirk & Callahan last week when Guerrero was brought up again and a few follow-ups were asked.

Doing it this way meant Brady controlled the message. There would be no follow-up questions or anything along those lines. It was Brady’s voice and Brady’s voice alone.

Brady’s audible didn’t exactly add much to the docu-series as a whole, but it accomplished what he wanted — people now know exactly where he stands on certain things, so don’t even bother asking him.

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