Hannable: Tuesday’s events indicate Josh McDaniels will succeed Bill Belichick as head coach of Patriots

Ryan Hannable
February 07, 2018 - 12:10 am

Winslow Townson/USA Today Sports

There’s really only one reason as to why Josh McDaniels backed out of taking the Colts’ head-coaching job to stay with the Patriots.

No, it’s not because of money. No, it’s not because of his family. It’s because he will be the next coach of the Patriots whenever Bill Belichick decides to step away.

If it were anything else, he would have known the Colts’ job wasn’t right for him weeks ago and not have dragged the process out like he did.

According to NBC Sports Boston’s Tom E. Curran, over the last few days there have been over 15 hours of meetings between McDaniels, Belichick, Robert Kraft and Jonathan Kraft. 

It seems coming out of these meetings McDaniels has better idea of where the Patriots franchise is going. He has more clarity as to what is to come with Belichick, as well as the overall organization. Meeting for this long indicates some pretty serious discussions were taking place, and not having this information before this week is likely why he interviewed so aggressively with other teams.

Many have reported there isn't any agreement with McDaniels that he will take over for Belichick, but he likely has a good idea he will be at the top of the list of candidates.

And he needs to know this because he’s probably not ever coaching with another team in the league — at least for the foreseeable future.

Make no mistake about it, McDaniels put the Colts in a very bad position.

The Colts assumed all along McDaniels was their next coach — heck, they even had a press conference scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. They are the only team in the NFL right now without a head coach, and if they knew McDaniels’ feelings, they would have likely moved on from him and found someone better for the job.

Now, they need to find a head coach with all the top candidates off the board.

In addition, McDaniels started to put together his staff of assistants, some of whom already signed contracts with the Colts and were in the building working. Indianapolis reportedly will still keep these coaches in place for their next head coach, but they agreed to go there with the assumption they would be working with McDaniels.

Not only did McDaniels hurt the Colts, he hurt those assistant coaches as well. Who is to say whoever the Colts hire as head coach is going to want to accept these coaches on their staff? Coaches want to put together their own staffs, not have it picked for them.

McDaniels has created a lot of drama and unease with the Colts, as well as those assistants and their families. 

How could any team in the league ever fully trust McDaniels in the future after what he did to the Colts and those coaches? Why would another team want to associate with him?

McDaniels is no dummy. He knows by backing out of the Colts’ job he isn’t exactly making any friends across the league, so he has to have a good feeling about what is to come in New England because he probably isn’t going to another team any time soon.

When the news came down that McDaniels was staying put in New England, many were trying to come up with different reasons as to why, but there really is only just one.

McDaniels will one day be the next coach of the Patriots.