Hannable: We’ve seen this before from Patriots opponents, and it usually doesn’t go well

Ryan Hannable
September 13, 2018 - 11:25 pm

Vincent Carchietta/USA Today Sports


Here we go again.

This Sunday’s meeting in Jacksonville between the Patriots and Jaguars isn’t a typical Week 2 matchup, as it is a rematch of the AFC title game, but things have been taken to a whole new level down south.

“It’s definitely the most important game of my life,” Jaguars linebacker Myles Jack told reporters Wednesday

He added: “The magnitude of the game — we want to go 2-0 on the season. We feel like we’re going to be in the playoffs, so we want so to gain homefield advantage. We feel like if we can get a win on them, that would be huge … the most important week of my life, for sure.”

In addition, the Jaguars have been talking virtually the entire offseason about the AFC title game and how they should have won (they blew a 10-point fourth quarter lead). 

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“I’m not over that. A lot of people felt like we should’ve won that,” wide receiver Marquise Lee said. “That’s a fact. No offense to the Patriots. They’re a great team, but we should’ve beat them. But we fell short. Next year is another opportunity to get back to it. It’s a lot of work, but I feel like we have the right team and pieces to get it going.”

Jacksonville isn’t the only team to dramatically hype-up a regular-season game against the Patriots, and typically it does not go well.

Back in 2012, the Texans went into a Monday night meeting in New England with a 11-1 record and all wore Letterman jackets for the trip to make a statement. They ended up by getting smoked, 42-14.

How many times over the years did Rex Ryan over-hype the meetings with the Patriots, whether he was with the Bills or Jets? And how did that usually go come Sundays?

There’s also multiple Ravens and Steelers games from years ago where there was always trash-talk coming from the opposing locker room, and the Patriots usually came away with wins — and in a few cases Tom Brady chirping back once the game was over.

Bottom line, over-hyping regular-season games, especially against the Patriots, get teams nowhere. Not only for that given game, but long-term, as well.

Think about it. Jack is calling Sunday the biggest game of his life, which means it’s the biggest game of the season for the Jags. What happens if they lose? Where do they go from there? Going by that thinking, they can’t go any higher, when in reality it is just Week 2 and plenty of football to play. It's just not a good attitude to have of getting so high so early.

It’s easier to see teams to over-hype regular-season games against the Patriots who aren’t very good and it really could be their Super Bowl, but Jacksonville was just in the AFC title game and has a good chance to get back there again. 

Teams just never learn, and it doesn’t seem like a hard concept to understand. No one needs to be like the Patriots in terms of not saying anything, but just don’t go so all-in for one game, especially so early in the season.

Sunday should be a very, very good game, but Jacksonville may have put itself at a disadvantage before it even started.

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