It's been long time since Boston sports has been this boring

Jim Hackett
February 21, 2020 - 9:18 am

Are you as bored as me right now? I missed the Beanpot again didn’t I? As we embark on the third straight month of Brady free agency talk over the next few days, I for one am spent. 

Is Brady staying? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Is he going to Tennessee? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Dallas? Miami? Tampa? Triple zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Vegas? Please. Do you think a man of Tom Brady’s brand and style will want to look at Mark Davis every day? Does anyone? That should be more than enough of a reason not to go there. 

Regardless, please wake me up on March 17th when some clarity appears on this storyline.

So let’s pivot to the Red Sox. Ah, Spring Training. This time of year inherently brings that sparkling tinge of hope and excitement with the promise of spring. You typically feel it as soon as the crack of the bats start in Ft. Myers. During more desperate times prior to 2004, sometimes that feeling would come as soon as that silly equipment truck left town. That’s how intense it got. This year? Not so much. With the lingering, endless and ongoing MLB investigation and bumbled communication surrounding the unfortunate and inevitable Mookie Betts trade, I just can’t get there with the Red Sox right now; as riveting as the Jonathan Lucroy signing was.

So what now? Hurry up and wait.

With two giant elephants sitting in the corner of both the Patriots and Red Sox headquarters, it’s tough to wade through all the unrelated stories that continually pile up with no real meaning or significance. While mostly insignificant spring training signings surface, the news we are all waiting to hear just won’t come. It’s been a mild winter weather-wise around here and even milder in terms of local sports intrigue the last couple of weeks.

Back to TB12.

Every day more fodder comes out on the opinions surrounding Brady and it all adds up to absolutely nothing. With Brady, know this; everything and I mean EVERYTHING you have heard to date is pure speculation. Most of it less than that, it’s just conjecture. This will likely continue until something tangible is reported and that likely won’t happen until St. Patrick’s Day. It’s just more authentic frontier gibberish until any real conversations between player and teams begin to happen. There’s no speculation required for how exhausting and boring it’s become though.

That’s for sure.

With the Red Sox, Evan Drellich of The Athletic first reported on the MLB’s cheating scandal and the potential involvement of the Red Sox back in November of last year. That’s three months ago. Three months and here in Boston we’re still nowhere in terms of follow up or judgment from the league investigation. All we have is a team that is now missing its best player and its popular manager who became the face of the organization in quick order. All while the cloud of the unknown lingers above the franchise.

Again, we’re left to wait while others outside speculate. 

While these two giant elephants in the room continue to go unattended to, the Bruins and Celtics are both playing strongly and both look like deep postseason contenders. Their existence has been completely overshadowed though, by the two stories that just won’t end or even worse, get updated with something real. Yet each lingers like a nasty cold soar.

Back to our winter teams. As good as they are, it feels like the Celtics haven’t played in weeks with the prolonged All-Star break. With the Bruins, their story remains the same. They continue to win and will contend this spring but need another scorer and the trade deadline has been tiptoeing towards us for weeks now. Nothing yet. Just like the Celtics at the NBA trade deadline weeks ago.

Lots of nothing burgers being served up around here of late and frankly, I’m bored. When do the Globetrotters come to town? At this pace, I’m guessing it’ll be before we hear back from MLB on the investigation and before any real news about Brady surfaces. 

It’s been so good here for so long I think I need a fix. Is this what it feels like everywhere else in America?