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Mookie Betts grand slam Blue Jays Red Sox

We've been hearing about Bryce Harper's impending free agency for five years.

An All-Star at 19 and an MVP at 22, Harper is the most tantalizing talent to hit the market in his prime since 25-year-old Alex Rodriguez fleeced Rangers owner Tom Hicks for $252 million in 2001.

Harper...Read more

Dave Dombrowski has already sacrificed most of the Red Sox’ farm system and pushed them right up against the luxury tax in order to build the best team in the American League. He might as well finish the job. 

The Red Sox own the best record in baseball (68-30) and are steamrolling the...Read more

Xander Bogaerts grand slam

It's easy to forget, but for the first two weeks of April, we discussed Xander Bogaerts in terms since reserved for Mookie Betts.

We called him dynamic. We called him an MVP candidate. We called him baseball's breakout star.

Then he slid into Fenway's visiting dugout chasing a pop-up...Read more

The list of Red Sox needs prior to the trade deadline goes something like this: reliever, second baseman, reliever, reliever, reliever, backup catcher.

But here's a useful item missing from that shopping cart: right-handed starter.

The American League is essentially a three-team race...Read more

John Tavares didn’t have to make a case for himself.

He’s scored the fifth-most regular season goals in the league since his 2009-10 debut, he’s coming off a top-three career season, and you just know the 27-year-old center has so much more to offer an even somewhat functional team.

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Kirk Minihane has an unwavering belief that sports talk radio should include less sports talk. To the surprise of nobody, I agree with his assessment. But that doesn’t mean my WEEI utopia would consist of Lou Merloni debating Brett Kavanaugh’s conservative credentials or Rich Keefe ripping...Read more

Talking to Rick Porcello about the state of Major League Baseball, one can't help but come away with this thought -- it must be nice to be as passionate about anything as the Red Sox pitcher is about this subject.

Coincidentally, it's a topic that seems to be something people really want...Read more

It seemed like the Rob Gronkowski trade rumors had died down, but that changed on Monday.

Speaking to Greg Bedard of the Boston Sports Journal...Read more

My esteemed colleague John Tomase is disappointed we seem to be taking the Red Sox for granted. They have the best record in the Major Leagues and are...Read more

It's entirely possible we're overrating Marcus Smart. We've been known to do that around here. I once declared I wouldn't trade Jae Crowder straight up for Kevin Love, for instance, so . . . yeah.

That said, I find it surprising that the rugged guard has drawn zero interest around the...Read more