Nick Caserio made feelings regarding future pretty clear in Saturday press conference

Ryan Hannable
July 27, 2019 - 12:58 pm

FOXBORO — It’s pretty unusual for Nick Caserio to address the media, especially during the regular season. Typically, he’s available before and after the draft, but that’s it. 

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That changed last year during Super Bowl week, which got the antennas of many up.

Was this a way to get his name out there, especially considering his contract is up following the 2020 draft? Perhaps, but no one knew for sure.

Then came June when the Texans fired general manager Brian Gaine and went after Caserio. This was blocked by the Patriots, who filed tampering charges, and Houston backed off immediately. 

While the organization backed off in its pursuit of the Patriots director of player personnel, it did not and will not hire a GM for the 2019 season, leaving the door for Caserio to join the organization when his contract expires in less than a year.

Another unusual Caserio press conference happened Saturday morning before the third Patriots training camp session. Was this a way for the team to say Caserio has more power and is almost like a GM, as they are made available regularly?

Maybe, but it also gave reporters a chance to ask Caserio about the offseason drama with the Texans and his future in New England.

“I would say I am pretty honored and privileged to be in the position I am in and work for the organization," he said. "It is a great organization with a lot of great people. I am thankful for the opportunity I have each day to come to work and come into this building. We have a lot of great people. I am fortunate and honored to work with Bill (Belichick) on a day-to-day basis and a lot of other people in this building. My job is really just to serve the people that are in this building and we have a lot of great people. My focus is to do the best that I can every day to be the best version of myself for this team and this organization and that is what the focus is.”

What about the future and the chance to be a GM with sole decision-making power?

“I would say I am not really focused on the hypotheticals," Caserio said. "I am focused on today. Honestly, I am really focused on being the best version of myself each and every day. Honestly, for me, you guys see me after practice, I try and be the best husband and the best father to my kids and I get more joy out of that than anything else. Ultimately, that is going to matter more than anything else. I am blessed to be here and I enjoy every day. Each day is a new opportunity to improve and get better and that is what I am focused on doing."

A lot of non-answers and talking around questions.

While saying nothing, it actually says a lot. It says Caserio appears to be willing to explore other options, including the Texans job following his contract expiring next year. He could have easily shot it down, saying he was flattered by the interest, but really likes his situation in New England.

But, there wasn’t any of that. And you really can’t blame him. 

For all the things that he does in New England, which is a lot — scouting, pre-draft work, on-field work during the year, being on the headsets during games — he still doesn’t hold the ultimate power when it comes to making decisions, as that will always be Belichick.

The 43-year-old has been with the Patriots since 2001 and has risen through the organization, but still has yet to reach the top, even though he certainly has the talent to do so. Belichick doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, and with his contract up, what better time to look for other options, and what better organization to go to than Houston?

Former Patriots Jack Easterby and James Liipfert already have high roles in the front office and with Bill O’Brien as head coach, it seems like a natural fit.

So, while Caserio didn’t specifically address the Houston rumors on Saturday, he pretty much did by not.

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