Nick Caserio is staying in New England, but it doesn’t necessarily mean situation is over

Ryan Hannable
June 17, 2019 - 8:27 am

Over the course of the past week, it was confirmed Nick Caserio is one of the most important people in the Patriots organization.

After being approached by Houston to fill its vacant general manager’s job, the Patriots filed tampering charges against the Texans reportedly due to language in his contract, which could be not being able to negotiate with other teams. 

Clearly, the Patriots value Caserio a ton if they were willing to file tampering charges against an organization they are very close with.

On Friday, both owners — Robert Kraft and Cal McNair — released statements confirming the respect the organizations have for one another and McNair saying they are no longer pursuing Caserio.

While Caserio is staying in New England, it doesn’t mean everything is perfect.

The Patriots’ director of player personnel is the ultimate business man who takes his job very seriously, and it’s likely the way he works on a day-to-day basis will not change after what’s happened. But, for the first time maybe ever it’s out there Caserio has interest in potentially one day leaving the organization.

It’s been reported Caserio’s contract expires at the end of next year, so the Texans could potentially still try and trade for him, or wait until his contract expires. In addition, ESPN’s Mike Reiss reports Caserio now has an agent — Bob LaMonte — after representing himself for most of his career.

While Caserio is staying in New England in the short-term, there are clear signs he may eventually want to move on and advance his career. While he’s involved in a ton of personnel decisions, he ultimately does not have the final say (that’s Bill Belichick) and does not have the general manager’s title.

For years the belief was Caserio didn’t really care about titles and everything that comes with it, but maybe something has changed.

As we documented last week, the Patriots desperately cannot afford to lose Caserio to the Texans this year because of all the changes on the coaching staff and Belichick perhaps needing to do more to make up for it. This could have a trickle down effect on his other duties like when it comes to personnel matters, and that is where Caserio comes in.

While in all likelihood Caserio will stay with the Patriots through the season, beyond that now becomes a question mark.

With his contract expiring and now being represented by one of the marque coaching/executive agents, it would appear in order for Caserio to stay with the Patriots something will need to change and that likely would be getting the general manager’s title as well as a pay bump.

The increase in pay likely wouldn’t be an issue, but becoming the GM could. Would Belichick be willing to do that?

On the flip side, Caserio’s role with the Patriots is very unique, especially when it comes to having an active role on the practice field and being on the head sets during games. Could this stay the same with another organization? Let’s just say it were the Texans, would Bill O’Brien/McNair be OK with Caserio on the practice field on a daily basis and not in an executive office?

What happens next offseason with Caserio will certainly shape the future of the Patriots organization. In recent years some have hypothesized one day Josh McDaniels being the head coach with his good friend and college teammate Caserio as his GM. If he were to depart, would that potentially change how McDaniels views potentially taking over for Belichick?

All of these questions are legitimate ones and could potentially become realities in a year or so.

If you didn’t think Caserio was all that important to the Patriots and what they do, this week and everything that is now on the table proves otherwise.

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