Patriots should stay far away from Antonio Brown

Ryan Hannable
September 07, 2019 - 1:04 pm

Sorry, everyone. 

Listen to your team news NOW.

This isn’t fantasy football or Madden where it’s all about collecting the best talent and putting them on the same team. This is real life and the National Football League, which is why Antonio Brown makes 0.0 sense for the New England Patriots.

As everyone in the world is aware, the Raiders finally released the wide receiver Saturday and he is now a free agent and can sign with any team in the league. While he can be signed immediately, he’s not eligible to play Week 1.

Of course, the football universe has immediately tried to connect Brown to the Patriots and Bill Belichick. After all, the team did apparently show interest when he was being shopped around as a Steeler, but so much has changed since — and not for the good.

While it’s fun to paint dream-like scenarios of Tom Brady throwing passes to Julian Edelman, Josh Gordon, Demaryius Thomas and Brown this season, that’s all it is, a dream.

The NFL is more than just a three-hour game once a week. There’s so much more that goes into it and for that very reason, Brown does not make sense for the Patriots.

What happened to Belichick reportedly saying a few years ago he only wants to coach players he wants. Did Belichick watch Brown’s YouTube video Friday night where he records a conversation with Raiders coach Jon Gruden and says, “Yup, I want that guy on my team?”

No chance.

Does Belichick and the organization want to be responsible for Brown's unpredictable behavior, where he really only cares about himself and not the team he is on?

No chance.

This does not seem like a situation at all where a player signs a one-year deal with New England, puts his head down and keeps his mouth shut all year long to land a bigger deal in free agency. What evidence is there that Brown is willing to do that and not constantly run his mouth or social media account to the contrary?

Also, it’s about reading the locker room.

Does adding a personality like Brown seem like the best thing for Gordon? Does Brady, who is 42 years old, have the patience to work with Gordon and Brown? Is Brown the type of player rookie N’Keal Harry should be learning from?

Belichick is famous for taking chances on players with low-risk deals, but no player has ever been in the same category as Brown is right now.

Given his talent, there’s no question a team is going to take a gamble and sign him to a one-year, low cost deal because that’s all he’s worth right now, but it doesn’t seem like it will be the Patriots.

It’s great for sports radio and the Twitter-verse to imagine it happening, but that’s all it is — a fantasy.

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