Hannable: There’s now proof Tom Brady changed over final few years with Patriots

Ryan Hannable
May 20, 2020 - 6:00 am

Although some examples were not as big as others, Tom Brady changed in his final few years as a member of the Patriots.

The biggest example was the lack of commitment to his teammates during the offseason, as for his final two seasons he did not attend OTAs during the spring and only attended the three days of mandatory minicamp.

As for why he did not attend these workouts, last June Brady cited family reasons.

“I have a family at home and they get some of my time and energy and my wife is a very ambitious woman and she travels a lot so just trying to divide some responsibilities at home,” he said when speaking during mandatory minicamp. “She supports me a lot, my family supports me a lot. My kids aren’t getting any younger so just trying to spend the time with them when I can and get the other things done that I need to get done and be ready to go when it’s time to go.”

Brady also seemed to downplay the time away from his teammates.

“We’re trying to get ready individually and collectively,” he said. “Everybody has different things they have to do. I think our coaches do a great job of preparing our guys. Individually, guys are coming out here and trying to get better and I’m doing the same thing. When we come together like this it gives us a chance to see where we’re all at.”

Those who criticized Brady for skipping OTAs were mocked and it was pointed out time after time the team won the Super Bowl after he skipped the offseason workouts in 2018. But, for most years of his career, the quarterback did whatever he could to get on the same page with his new receivers. 

This was no longer the case.

Typically, that would mean spending extra time in the offseason with Cordarelle Patterson and Jordan Matthews heading into the 2018 season, and Dontrelle Inman, Matt LaCosse, Demaryius Thomas, Maurice Harris, Bruce Ellington and N’Keal Harry heading into last season.

Aside from Harry getting a short session at Brady's house, which he plastered all over social media, these players got basically three days in June to try and get on the same page before training camp. Everyone knows that isn’t enough time and also not how Brady operated in the past when he would do everything in his power to make sure he and the offense were ready for the upcoming season.

If Brady was the same as he was in the final few years in New England, the last few weeks he would be spending some quality time with his family in his new Davis Islands home and working out on his own time while getting up to speed on his new playbook whenever time allowed.

But, no. 

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Brady has held workouts — that have been more than just throwing sessions — for the last few weeks with his new teammates. 

This clearly is evidence the Patriots quarterback was not the same guy in his last few years in New England. Brady no longer was doing everything in his power to make sure he and the rest of the offense were as prepared as possible for the upcoming season. 

As for the reason why?

Perhaps Brady knew his time in New England was coming to an end and if that were the case it’s natural to no longer put forth the same effort as before. Think about it, if you’ve accepted a new job, are you going to work equally as hard as you did for your old employer? 

Probably not.

Brady didn’t commit to signing with Tampa Bay a few years ago, but he probably had a good idea his career was not going to end in New England and that was enough for him to dial back his offseason commitment.

And now that he’s with his new team, it’s the same thing as starting a new job. That means you're going to do more than usual to not only impress your new boss and co-workers, but also make sure you’re in the best position as possible to succeed — even if it means extra work.

While there’s really nothing wrong with what Brady has done, it’s just time to admit over the last few seasons the former Patriots QB was really not the same guy he was for the previous 18.

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