Reimer: LaVar Ball already threatening to ruin Lonzo Ball's rookie season

Alex Reimer
October 20, 2017 - 2:44 pm

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

LaVar Ball wants to make his son a superstar. Instead, he’s turned Lonzo Ball into a target. 

The eldest Ball boy’s NBA career is off to an underwhelming start, as he only scored three points in his debut Thursday. Clippers guard Patrick Beverley smothered Ball, holding him to 0-for-2 from the floor in 29 plays. 

Like many rookies, Ball will probably be humbled on the court numerous times this season. But his struggles carry a strong whiff of commeuppance, thanks to his loudmouth father. Beverley was aggressive with Ball all night and reportedly taunted him after the game. 

“Clippers guard Patrick Beverly screamed outside locker room, 'Weak ass m----- f-----. Bring him out on the court with me and I will tear his ass up,’” ESPN’s Marc Spears reports. “It's presumed Beverley is talking about Lakers rookie guard Lonzo Ball.”

Beverley appeared to be more under control during a postgame interview, but hinted he was rough on Ball to prove a point. “He’s a great talent, but he’s got to go through the tough times. He’ll be better for it,” Beverley said to reporters.

It’s apparent Ball, who the Lakers selected with the No. 2 pick in the NBA Draft, is nothing like his father. But he’s inseparable from the Big Baller Brand, $500 shoes and all. And his father doesn’t seem to have any plans to fade into the background. LaVar Ball hung around Staples Center Thursday for a late-night shouting match with Stephen A. Smith, which may have killed the braincells of everybody watching. 

“Excuse me!” Smith screamed. “You have some explaining to do!”

Ball fought back, insisting his son played well. 

“Lonzo did good!” Ball said.

HOW?!” Smith screeched. “WHAT GAME WERE YOU WATCHING?!”

“Rebounds! Physical!” Ball said. “On a bad foot!”

At this point, Ball’s boisterous schtick is unlikely to produce any major headlines, unless he does something like belittle a female radio anchor. In fact, his relevancy may have already peaked, given that Big Baller Brand has chosen to redesign Lonzo’s ZO2 shoes. The new model will be released in November. 

Lonzo Ball’s play will have to start defining Big Baller Brand. The problem is, his father’s hackneyed braggadocio currently defines him, and could hang over the entirety of his rookie season. 

No parent wants to make life more difficult for their children. But that’s exactly what Ball has done. His incessant need for attention serves nobody but himself. 

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