Listen to WEEI on Amazon Echo Devices

"Alexa, Play WEEI"

September 22, 2017 - 4:42 pm

Do you own an Amazon smart speaker? Did you know that you can listen to WEEI through your Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot or Amazon Echo Show? Just say, "Alexa, play WEEI," and she will give you the choice to listen live to WEEI, to listen to your favorite WEEI shows on demand, or to listen to WEEI podcasts.

Don't own an Amazon smart speaker or know what they are? Amazon smart speakers are devices controlled by voice commands that can play music, podcasts, audio books and radio streams. They can also answer questions for you, read you the news, update you on traffic and weather, provide sports scores and more. They can even be set up to control lights, fans, TVs, thermostats and more stuff around your house.

If you want more information or are interested in buying an Amazon smart speaker, visit Amazon's Echo & Alexa homepage.

The WEEI skill has already been automatically enabled by Amazon, so all you have to do to listen to the live stream, audio on demand or podcasts is say, "Alexa, play WEEI," and then follow her prompts to get to what you want to hear.

However, there are other WEEI-related skills that you can enable that can serve as shortcuts.

-"Alexa, enable the Enough About Me skill."
-"Alexa, enable the Real K and C podcast skill."
-"Alexa, enable the Two Outs skill."
-"Alexa, enable the Bradfo Sho skill." 
-"Alexa, enable the Hashtag Dork skill."
-"Alexa, enable the Kirk and Callahan skill."
-"Alexa, enable the Ordway Merloni and Fauria skill."
-"Alexa, enable the Dale and Keefe skill."
-"Alexa, enable the Mut at Night skill."
-"Alexa, enable the WEEI Weekend Shows skill."

Once those skills are enabled, you will be able to open them by saying, "Alexa, open [Name of Podcast/Show]."

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