Deflategate drives record usage to and related assets

January 28, 2015 - 5:12 pm

BOSTON, MA – Two pounds per square inch of air pressure have cast a shadow of suspicion on the New England Patriots' eighth Super Bowl appearance this Sunday, but the frenzy surrounding "Deflategate" has crushed all previous engagement records for Sports Radio WEEI and its digital assets. Between Jan. 19, the day the allegations of tampering with some of the AFC championship footballs were first announced, and Jan. 25 racked up the following eye-popping statistics:

More than 1 million unique users to 

More than 4.3 million page views

The WEEI Facebook page reached more than 6.1 million people in one week with more than 1 million of those engaging and participating in a WEEI post

On Thursday, Jan. 22, more than 280,000 unique visitors and 1 million page views were tallied for the Tom Brady and Bill Belichick press conferences, the largest day in history

And those press conferences peaked at more than 22,000 users on the WEEI audio stream. The station's previous record-setting day for streaming was a peak of 15,000 for a Tom Brady interview last fall

More than 1.1 million Facebook views of a special Deflategate video produced by the station's Jerry Thornton and videographer Peter Neudel, plus an additional 285,000 views on YouTube

The WEEI mobile app received more than 4,000 new downloads, and 90,000 users of the app combined for nearly 900,000 active sessions last week

WEEI Brand Manager Kevin Graham says you don't post numbers like that unless sports fans know you're the digital destination for timely and credible information.

"I'm very proud of the combined efforts from our on-air and digital content teams in reporting this ever-changing story," he said. "We have been at the forefront of coverage from the beginning and been the go-to station for national media outlets such as ESPN, The CBS Evening News, FOX News and CNN, to name a few."

The award-winning website employs its own dedicated team of 12 editors, videographers and journalists under the direction of site editor Rob Bradford. He says he's not surprised by the metrics.

"Our most recent success offers yet another example of how powerful the WEEI brand has become," Bradford commented. "I am consistently amazed by the level of talent and commitment our team at and WEEI brings to the table on a daily basis, with the last month serving as yet another reminder as to what this group has built and continues to build."