Quarterback controversy brewing for Boston College?

Brooks Sutherland
September 09, 2017 - 5:48 pm

Anthony Brown is still Boston College’s best option at quarterback.

The redshirt freshman threw three interceptions and was rightfully pulled in the third quarter of the Eagles’ 34-10 loss to ACC foe Wake Forest. Graduate senior Darius Wade replaced the young QB for the remainder of the game.

Moving forward however, the Eagles must remain with Brown. He won the job in the summer, became the first freshman to earn a win in his opener and despite a rough outing on Saturday, still showed glimpses of his potential that won him the job in the first place.

The Eagles must ride out the growing pains that are bound to come with Brown. He has a solid arm, takes chances and still needs some development in reading defenses. His cause however, hasn’t been helped by his receiving core so far this season. Two of Brown’s picks in Saturday’s loss were dropped by his wideouts.

But most importantly, his upside outweighs his struggles.

Wade has a little bit more experience than the freshman, but Brown’s body of work should lock him into the starting quarterback job at least for now, as the Eagles look to sure in their future with him at the helm.

For the Eagles, this season’s schedule doesn’t get any easier.

Brown will be tested again and again by some top tier teams. But how the youngster responds to those challenges will explain a lot about where Boston College’s future as a football program remains. It will also explain a lot about Brown himself. What he stands for. Who he really is as a player. In order to find that out, Brown must remain the Eagles’ guy.

Head coach Steve Addazio has lamented how talented he believes his team is, especially his young players. Now, it’s time to let them grow. Brown is the guy who can take the Boston College football program to new heights. It may not be today. It may not even be this season, but shutting the door on the freshman after one rough game would hinder his confidence. Hinder his momentum. And most importantly hinder Boston College’s future.

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