10 No-Name NFL Players With Legendary Superstar Moments in Last 20 Years

Jordan Cohn
July 03, 2020 - 9:33 am

NFL stars are stars for a reason. Play after play, game after game, season after season, they wow fans and help their team, perhaps more than any other players, achieve victory. Several of the most memorable moments in NFL history involve these stars. Franco Harris, a Hall of Famer, reeled in the Immaculate Reception from Terry Bradshaw, another Hall of Famer. Ben Roethlisberger, a future Hall of Famer, threw an unforgettable touchdown to Santonio Holmes -- not quite a Hall of Famer, but an everyday starting wideout. In other words, none of these guys are no-name players.

But it seems that a disproportionate amount of unforgettable NFL moments, some of which are unanimous choices to be ranked among the greatest of all time, come not from the Terry Bradshaws, the Ben Roethlisbergers, and the Tom Bradys of the world. Instead, they come from the guys that we've compiled below. All of these occurred after 2000, so there are many more throughout the course of NFL history (hit us up with those memories on Twitter @RDCSports!).

Let's look at 10 guys who broke out of hiding to turn in some of the greatest performances in NFL history, never to be heard from in the same capacity again.

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