9 More 'Last Dance' Sports Documentaries We'd Love to See

Jordan Cohn
May 05, 2020 - 8:30 am

It won’t be long after the conclusion of ESPN’s “The Last Dance” that fans start thinking the same question: when’s the next one, and what's it going to be on?

There are plenty of worthy candidates, though Jordan’s tumultuous ride with the Bulls in the late 90s may trump all other options. That, combined with the seemingly unlimited supply of footage of the team, created the perfect scenario with which to create a most compelling sports documentary. "The Last Dance" is one that has saved sports fans from being completely without new and entertaining content during this predominantly sports-less period.

But when it’s over, fans will undoubtedly be left wanting more. Throughout the long history of sports, does anyone else fit the bill?

Reddit user u/WinesburgOhio seems to think so, claiming that the “best” possible documentary of this sort would be about Bill Russell. We liked the Redditor’s thinking and wanted to come up with more.

Let’s assume that there’s as much footage available for all of these hypothetical “last dances,” though what the 1997-98 Bulls allowed was not your typical situation. The criteria is fairly simple… which athletes’ final seasons with a certain team followed a long and storied tenure with that organization and may have featured some drama toward the end, a memorable finish to a career or stint, or any other compelling documentary content? Or, similarly, what team experienced a massive fall from grace, going from first to worst in the blink of an eye?

Here’s who we came up with. Share who you’d want to see with us on Twitter, @RDCSports!

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