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Aaron Hernandez prison letter is available for purchase

Alex Reimer
October 20, 2017 - 11:56 am

Aaron Hernandez corresponded with many pen pals while he was incarcerated –– even getting flirty with his female writing buddies. In one letter, which was leaked in February 2016, the disgraced ex-tight end slammed Robert Kraft for being “non loyal.”

One of the earliest letters Hernandez wrote is now up for auction. The message was penned to a recipient 13 days after Hernandez was arrested and charged with Odin Lloyd’s murder in 2013. In it, Hernandez asks the recipient to “please keep this private & off social media.” He also pledges he’ll be out of prison “sooner or later.”

The letter is part of the Masters Auction collection. The starting bid is $300. Considering TMZ paid $18,000 for a comparable Hernandez letter, the final price will likely be much greater than that. 

The curiosity surrounding Hernandez’s life behind bars, and his mental psyche, likely won’t dissipate any time soon. Boston University researchers discovered he had Stage 4 CTE when he committed suicide in his prison cell earlier this year. Hernandez’s attorneys are currently suing the NFL. 

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