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Alex Cora jabbed back at critics on Twitter during post-World Series celebration

Alex Reimer
October 30, 2018 - 12:03 pm

Alex Cora is spending some of his World Series celebratory time shrugging in the face of doubters –– at least on social media.

The Red Sox’ manager pressed seemingly every right button during the Red Sox’ dominant 11-3 playoff run, from embracing the Rover position out of the bullpen to pinch-hitting Eduardo Nunez in Game 1 of the World Series. Most notably, Cora believed in his best players, sticking with them even when the analytics or conventional wisdom said to do the opposite.  

No move better embodied this tactic than Cora opting to throw David Price on three days' rest in Game 5. He announced the decision after the Red Sox' Game 4 win, in which they came back from a 4-0 late-inning deficit. In the handshake line, Cora told Price he was going to get a chance to close the series out. Chris Sale would be available out of the bullpen, and he was, pitching a scoreless ninth. 

MLB Network host and prominent stat head Brian Kenny chided Cora on Twitter early Sunday morning for his unorthodox call. 

Cora didn’t respond to Kenny for well over 24 hours, but then early Monday morning, he threw in an emoji-lacked jab. Price tossed seven innings of one-run ball to cap off one of the greatest playoff runs in recent memory. 

Interestingly enough, Cora tweeted the same shrugging emoji in response to a tweet outlining the dominance of Red Sox relievers during October, in an apparent attempt to show up the group’s many critics.

When you win the World Series and 119 games in your first season as manager, you can afford to get a little sassy. 

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