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Alex Cora kicks off Red Sox parade with message to the doubters: 'We scored 16 at Yankee Stadium –– suck on it!'

Alex Reimer
October 31, 2018 - 11:41 am

Alex Cora has one more message for the doubters.

At the start of the Red Sox Parade Thursday, Cora reminded everybody how some pundits counted out his team following their Game 2 loss to the Yankees at Fenway Park. “The New York Yankees –– the sky was falling,” Cora Said. “We lost Game 2. Everybody was panicking here: ‘Woah, it’s over.’ We scored 16 (runs) at Yankee Stadium. Suck on it!”

Game 3 in Yankee Stadium was the turning point for the Red Sox, who obliterated the Yankees on the road and went on to win all three games against the Astros in Houston as well. They won the clinching game of the World Series in Dodger Stadium.

While some may criticize Cora for his gloating, he deserves a victory lap after the incredible job he did managing this team in his rookie season. It’s apparent the 108-win Red Sox heard the critics all year long, and now they’re firing back. 

What fun is a World Series celebration if you can’t rub it in people’s faces a little bit, right?