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Amazingly, Bruce Arians never raised his voice above a whisper while announcing Patriots game

Alex Reimer
December 23, 2018 - 5:11 pm

Those who say Tony Romo is too excitable must have loved Bruce Arians' performance during Bills-Patriots on Sunday. He barely spoke above a whisper, robbing viewers the opportunity to hear his insight about why teams looking for new head coaches should hire candidates with experience.

Anybody think there’s an ulterior motive to that commentary?

The Greg Gumbel-Trent Green-Arians three-man booth was comatose, serving as barely audible white noise for the millions of New Englanders huddled in their living rooms Sunday. The content was fine enough: Gumbel is a pretty good play-by-play man and Green is an OK analyst. He and Arians both criticized the officials on a couple of occasions –– they were in agreement that Sony Michel’s first touchdown run should’ve been brought back –– and also weren’t afraid to (gently) rip Josh Allen for some of his horrible passes.

“That was a college throw,” Arians said when Allen tossed an interception right at JC Jackson.

But the presentation was lifeless. At least Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts appear to be have a good time while they mangle the telecast. Gumbel, Green and Arians just seem bored –– and surprised Rob Gronkowski was blocking in the run game. It looks like Arians has some film to watch before he steps back onto the sidelines.

And that must be his goal, because judging by his monotonous performance Sunday, it doesn’t seem like he has much zeal for broadcasting.