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Austin Carr's breakout preseason performance was met with tired race jokes

Alex Reimer
August 11, 2017 - 3:57 pm

Undrafted Patriots wide receiver Austin Carr was one of the stars of the team’s first preseason game, catching five passes for 44 yards and a touchdown. He was met with praise as shook past the Jaguars secondary, with viewers wondering how the Patriots were able to grab another overlooked wideout. 

But since Carr is half-white, there were also the same old tired race jokes. Boston has a complicated history with race –– like every major metropolitan area in the country ––  and the Patriots also often feature talented white wide receivers. 

Get it?

Unsurprisingly, Dan Le Batard’s executive producer led the way. When commenting on a video of Carr’s incredible touchdown catch, Mike Ryan wrote the Patriots signed him “white away.” 


It is kind of humorous the Patriots have an array of talented white receivers, including Julian Edelman, Chris Hogan and Danny Amendola. But it’s asinine to suggest this is some kind of coordinated effort from Bill Belichick. But that’s exactly what Le Batard insinuated heading into last season’s Super Bowl, when he called the Patriots receiving corps “gritty, high-motor overachievers with character, heart and deceptive speed.” He went further on his radio show, appearing to almost call the Patriots a racist organization.

“Is anyone going to, at any point in 2017 America, point out the contrasting styles we have in this Super Bowl?,” Le Batard asked. “Two very different cities, the wide receiver cores for both teams are very different,” he said. “When is that going to become a thing as we head towards Super Bowl week and we’re going to have to talk about everything and people are going to get tired of the chess match. Is anybody going to dare to wander into that topic? You’ve got Julio [Jones] and Muhammad [Sanu] and [Julian] Edelman. No? We’re going to avoid that?”

Carr will probably be one of the more fun players to follow for the rest of the preseason. But whenever he plays well, expect hackneyed racial jokes from the usual suspects to populate your social media timeline. 

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