Bill Belichick celebrates 67th birthday on 19-year anniversary of drafting Tom Brady, illustrating their incredible longevity

Alex Reimer
April 16, 2019 - 11:01 am

Bill Belichick is turning 67 years old on the 19-year anniversary of the day he drafted Tom Brady, and they’re preparing to defend their sixth Lombardi Trophy this season. It’s another sign of the incredible longevity of this Patriots run. 

Ten years ago, Belichick said in his NFL Films produced “A Football Life” documentary he doesn’t want to coach into his 70s. "I won't be like Marv Levy and coaching in my 70s, I know that,” he explained.

But following one of his greatest coaching jobs to date, it’s difficult to see Belichick walking away for a number of reasons. Firstly, the job doesn’t seem to wear on him. Belichick truly appears to enjoy the grunt work and is as locked in as ever. Prior to kick-off in the Super Bowl, for example, he spoke with the officials about the roof being open –– despite the fact the elements would only affect that one play. And now, with Steve Belichick as the only listed defensive coach on the Patriots’ website, it looks like Bill is poised to take on an even larger role with the defense this season.

Though Belichick has enjoyed his vacation time this offseason –– the images of him lounging with his laptop in the Barbados sun will unfortunatey be ingrained in our minds forever –– he was still traveling to pro days and scouting players ahead of his year’s NFL Draft. There’s little doubt about his commitment. 

In 2009, when Belichick made the proclamation about not coaching into his senior years, the Patriots were in the midst of their most challenging season in nearly a decade and hadn’t won a Super Bowl in five years. Since then, they've captured three more Super Bowls, appeared in five Super Bowls, and played in eight straight AFC championships. It was a different time, which may have led Belichick to experience some ennui. But now he’s back on top of the football world, solidifying his place as the greatest coach in history.

Speaking of Goats, 41-year-old Tom Brady has once again verbally committed to playing into his mid-40s. He’s not expected to appear at voluntary OTAs for the second straight year, but will reportedly bulk up this spring and summer. Brady should show up to training camp in exemplary shape, as he always does.

Last year at this time, there was some doubt about Brady’s football future, and his relationship with Belichick. But those questions have now been put to rest. Their football partnership remains strong, and so does the dynasty. It only make sense two of the most seminal dates in Patriots lore, Belichick’s birthday and Brady’s 20-year anniversary, fall on the same day.