Tom Brady and Bill Belichick

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NFL execs and coaches don't expect Belichick and Brady to split, per Bleacher Report survey

Alex Reimer
July 26, 2018 - 3:29 pm

For the last six months, we’ve been inundated with constant speculation about Bill Belichick and Tom Brady’s possible breakup. The reported rift between the two GOATs didn’t appear to quell this offseason, with Brady missing all non-mandatory practices.

But with football back, it appears as if some semblance of normalcy is setting in. Brady, for example, reported to camp early. Rob Gronkowski, who also missed all non-mandatory OTAs, is slated to be there on time as well. 

And Bill Belichick is in midseason curmudgeon form.

In a new Bleacher Report survey, several unnamed NFL executives, coaches, scouts, ex-players and current and former Patriots staffers were asked about the state of the Brady-Belichick partnership. Though nobody quoted made any definitive predictions, the reported consensus was that everything is going to work out fine. 

While Bleacher Report writer Matt Miller says the general feeling is that Belichick would’ve preferred to keep Jimmy Garoppolo and move Brady, they’ll be able to co-exist into 2020. 

"You're talking about the most competitive quarterback to play the game and probably the smartest coach," said an anonymous member of an opposing front office. "Yeah, I think they'll be OK.”

There was apparently turmoil around the team last year, with the Alex Guerrero ban and reportedly simmering Brady-Belichick tension. But it didn’t appear to affect the Patriots on the field, as they came within eight points of beating the Eagles in Super Bowl LII. Brady threw for 505 yards in the contest.

Those around the league think Belichick and Brady can continue their seeming businesslike relationship for several more years.

“Ultimately, no one interviewed for this story believes a breakup is coming,” BR writes. “Belichick is too professional, too smart, too savvy. Brady is too loyal, too competitive, too aware of his legacy. The two centerpieces of the Patriots dynasty might not take family vacations together, but when it's time to go to work, they'll be able to compartmentalize any issues and attack the task at hand.”

One NFC personnel executive invoked a horror film villain to describe the Hall of Fame pair.

“They're like Freddy Krueger, man; they'll just keep coming back and winning,” he said. 

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