Boomer Esiason tells M&C he will 'fight tooth and nail' until Tom Brady withdraws 'Tom Terrific' trademark request

Alex Reimer
June 06, 2019 - 9:35 am

Earlier this week, Boomer Esiason decried Tom Brady’s attempt to trademark the “Tom Terrific” moniker as “sleazy” and untoward on WFAN. The ex-quarterback and longtime Mets fan didn’t back off his strong words during an appearance with “Mut & Callahan” Thursday.

While Esiason is one of Brady’s biggest national supporters, he says he can’t get past the Patriots’ quarterback looking to swipe Tom Seaver’s nickname. Esiason says he’s been a Mets fan for his entire life and idolized Seaver growing up.

“You know how I feel about Tom as a player. I’ve supported him for years and years and years, and I support him because there’s lots of good reasons to support him,” Esiason said. “I’m just amazed that he’s still playing at the age of 41, and I expect nothing but great things from him this year. But this struck me in the heart. I would like to think, since he is Tom Brady and he’s so into everything going on his life, that he’s got to know. And I know there have been Boston columnists, as well as Mets fans, who say, ‘Come on. This looks sleazy, it doesn’t look right.’ And how much money are you going to make on ‘Tom Terrific’ t-shirts?”

In an attempt to explain the animosity New Yorkers feel towards Brady for this attempted trademark, Esiason presented an analogy involving one of our most beloved Boston sports legends.

“Let’s say the Jets drafted some guy named ‘Larry Smith,’ and he turned out to be their quarterback, and after 15 years –– and this is where it gets a little dicey –– ‘Larry Smith’ has five or six Super Bowls under his belt as the starting quarterback of the Jets, and his people decide, ‘Larry is a legend. So let’s call him Larry Legend and trademark Larry Legend and sell t-shirts and all sorts of memorabilia to make even more money on the name Larry Legend,’” Esiason explained. “You people in Boston would be out of your mind, and you know you would be.”

Despite all of the vitriol against Brady on social media and in the New York tabloids, the real-life protest against the trademark left lots to be desired, with only seemingly a couple dozen Mets fans showing up –– at most. But Boomer says many Mets fans feel strongly about this, especially those who have dealt with Seaver personally, like him. The Hall of Fame hurler is currently battling dementia and withdrew from pubic life earlier this year.

“I got the job at WFAN in 2007, and one of the first things I tried to do was raise Tom Seaver’s level of notoriety here by saying the Mets should be a statue of Seaver in front of the brand-new Citi Field, which opened in 2008,” Esiason said. “I go out and see him, my former partner Craig Carton has a beautiful statue made of Tom Seaver. He gave it to me for my birthday years back. So I’ve been through this for years and years. I do not have Tom Brady Derangement Syndrome; I don’t have President Trump Derangement Syndrome; I don’t have any of that stuff. I just speak from the heart, and as a lifelong fan, and as someone who ran into Tom Seaver at his winery while he was battling early onset dementia.

“I’m going to fight this one tooth and nail all the way to the end. I just don’t think it’s right.”

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