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Boring Patriots-Jets game rated higher than Tom Brady's Deflategate return

Alex Reimer
November 27, 2018 - 9:50 am

The Patriots’ hum-drum win over the Jets Sunday rated higher than Tom Brady’s first game back from Deflategate, or any contest the Pats have played in the early afternoon for the last three years.

Even though the Brady-Belichick era is nearing its close, the Patriots’ popularity remains at an apex.

Patriots-Jets scored a 37.2 household rating and 66 share in Boston, per the Globe’s Chad Finn. It was their third-highest-rated game of the season, drawing more viewers than the 43-40 Sunday night thriller against the Chiefs, which pulled a 34.3 rating. Keep in mind, however, that game was going up against Game 2 of the ALCS. 

Interestingly enough, the Patriots have enjoyed lots of ratings success in the lower-profile 1 p.m. window this season. Their matchup against the Bears on Oct. 21 was the then-highest-rated affair of the year, before Patriots-Packers surpassed it. 

Though it’s not surprising to see the Patriots dominate the ratings, it is worth noting their numbers were down eight percent midway through last season. The NFL is enjoying a ratings renaissance on the whole, with its numbers up five percent in comparison to 2017. 

The Patriots’ strong showings at 1 p.m. embody that trend. Even Dan Fouts can’t drive people away from football this fall.