Boston hater and Minihane foe Bart Hubbuch gets banned from Twitter

Alex Reimer
June 28, 2018 - 3:10 pm

Boston hater and Kirk Minihane foe Bart Hubbuch is no longer on Twitter.

The ex-New York Post NFL writer, who was fired last year for comparing Donald Trump’s inauguration to Pearl Harbor, saw his account vanish earlier this week. He released a long statement Thursday, pointing out some of Twitter’s seeming hypocrisy, while simultaneously showing why the platform is probably better off without his ramblings.

Hubbuch sued the Post over his firing, but withdrew the litigation

Hubbuch has a fraught history with Boston. He was one of Tom Brady’s most ardent critics during Deflategate, and also accused the Patriots of being a racist organization. “Totally not-shocking fact: The Patriots have never had a black QB start a game in their 57-year history,” he tweeted before Jacoby Brissett’s first career start Sept. 22, 2016. 

The episode got so ugly, Hubbuch briefly took his Twitter account offline, after Minihane had asked his followers to call the Post’s sports department. 

Hubbuch originally drew Minihane’s ire in 2015, when he shared an edited of Kirk jokingly suggesting on TV that Roger Goodell should be murdered for his role in Deflategate. Hubbuch scrubbed the portion where Minihane said he was kidding.