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Boston hater Rob Parker still gives Celtics no chance to beat Cavs

Alex Reimer
May 17, 2018 - 9:59 am

Boston hater Rob Parker usually spews his inanity towards Tom Brady. But now he’s decided to target the Celtics.

The man who once compared Brady to Lance Armstrong said on FS1’s “Undisputed” Wednesday he isn’t worried about the Cavaliers at all, because they have LeBron James, and the Celtics don’t. That, my friends, is some incisive analysis. 

“(The Cavaliers) are not in trouble. Not yet. Not at all. No way, no how,” he said. “I think the people writing their obituaries saying it’s all over –– I think they’re far from done. I don’t recognize too many kings in this country, outside of Burger King. I will recognize LeBron James and what he will be able to do.”

That sounds like somebody who hasn’t watched very much of the series so far. The Celtics swarmed James in Game 1, holding him to minus-32 and just 15 points. While James posted an incredible stat line in Game 2 –– 42 points, 12 rebounds, 10 assists –– the Celtics were still able to stage a second-half comeback. Boston outscored Cleveland 36-22 in the third quarter Tuesday, even though James was on the floor for every minute of the period.

To further make his case, Parker brings up the Celtics’ struggles on the road this postseason. 

“The Celtics have been unbelievable at home –– 9-0, they play totally different,” he explained. “On the road in the postseason, they’re 1-4. For all the good stuff they’ve done, they could easily go to Cleveland and lose the next two. Then it changes the whole series.”

That’s actually a decent point, and it’s certainly plausible the Celtics could drop both games in Cleveland. But after watching the last two contests, it’s hard to imagine the Cavaliers keeping up enough energy and effort to best the Celtics twice. Also, the Celtics’ one road loss to the Sixers can partially be blamed on some absurdly lopsided officiating

But Parker isn’t alone in his feelings. The Celtics are currently underdogs heading into Game 3, despite their success so far. That’s probably exactly how they like it, too. 

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