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Brad Marchand got over Bruins loss by throwing shade on Twitter

Alex Reimer
May 08, 2018 - 12:04 pm

Brad Marchand is under siege for the crime of licking opponents on the ice. Columnists are ordering him to grow up and knock off the funny business. 

In response, Marchand has thrown some Twitter shade. 

The much-maligned Bruins forward, who posted 17 points in 12 playoff games, started his online burn tour Monday with an apparent kiss to his critics.

Then, perhaps in an attempt to win back some Bruins fans, Marchand targeted the Canadians’ Twitter account, after it joked about his newfound penchant for licking other players. “Funny...throwing shade when you were out of the playoff race since October,” he tweeted.

Marchand’s brashness may not have thrilled Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy, who publicly chastised Marchand for his antics over the weekend. But it was entertaining to watch unfold as I shoveled a sandwich in my mouth at my desk. 

Even Marchand’s supporters weren’t safe from his ire. A tweeter commented that Marchand’s diss of the Canadians was “right on the nose,” which prompted Marchand to insult the man’s appearance. Apparently, Marchand thought the man was taking a jab at his nose, which is, in fact, a little on the large side.

“If you ever get a flat tire you can just use the one around your neck,” Marchand wrote.

As David Price has illustrated, it’s not always healthy for athletes to spend their free time scrolling through Twitter. But it just seems as if Marchand was having some fun with it. 

Maybe he'll use his keyboard to agitiate people this offseason instead of his tongue. 

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