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Brady haters Max Kellerman and Rob Parker take obnoxious victory laps in wake of Patriots' Week 10 drubbing

Alex Reimer
November 12, 2018 - 1:14 pm

For the last three years, Max Kellerman has been embarrassed on a weekly basis for his proclamation that Tom Brady is about to fall off a cliff. So it’s not surprising to see TB12’s No. 1 antagonist take a victory lap in the wake of the Titans’ 34-10 drubbing of the Patriots in Tennessee. 

On ESPN’s “First Take” Monday, Kellerman said Brady can no longer throw the ball down the field and compared him to Peyton Manning in his final days. “Tom Brady has a wet noodle for an arm right now,” Kellerman said. “Let’s just say what it is. They’re dinking and dunking teams to death. … And Gronk isn’t the same. Not the same. So now you don’t have an elite, playmaking difference maker on offense. You have a quarterback who really can’t throw the ball down the field right now. When he tries to put mustard on the ball, it doesn’t look the same. Let’s be honest about it.”

Per usual, Kellerman is getting ahead of himself. Brady posted a perfect passer rating in the fourth quarter against the Packers just last week, and tossed a beautiful 55-yard touchdown pass to Josh Gordon. But it’s indisputable that Brady’s play has slipped this season. He’s only thrown one touchdown pass over the last three weeks, and misfired on several passes Sunday. Perhaps most notably, he short-armed a deep ball to Gordon, flinging the ball several yards in front of him. 

Brady also struggled against the Titans blitz Sunday, which has been a theme for him in recent weeks. Over the last five weeks, Brady has only completed 44.8 percent with no touchdowns, one interception, and a passer rating of 56.4 when defenders send extra rushers.

With those numbers in mind, FS1’s Rob Parker took to Twitter for an obnoxious declaration of victory as well. “So The L.O.A.T. - Tom Brady - has just one TD pass the last three games?,” Parker tweeted Sunday. “It’s so quiet in NE right now you can hear a mouse urinate on destroyed Spygate footage once buried at Harvard Yard. Told you the end was near. No one defeats Father Time.”

Parker has literally been waiting years for this moment. Is it too much to expect him to come up with some more better lines?