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Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo predicts on K&C Joe Benigno will return to WFAN after sexual harassment suit

Alex Reimer
August 22, 2018 - 9:18 am

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo may have broken some massive radio news on “Kirk & Callahan” Wednesday. 

In an interview for the 17th annual Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon, the legendary sports talker predicted WFAN host Joe Benigno, who’s currently on leave due to a sexual harassment suit, will return to work in the near future. Last month, a former co-worker sued WFAN and said Benigno repeatedly made sexually explicit comments towards her and tried to coerce her into having group sex with his wife and a prostitute. 

“I think Joe will be OK, too,” Russo said. “He’s done all of the commercial reads, if you’ve noticed. And Evan Roberts, his partner, mentions Joe every day. I don’t know if he’d do that if Joe was not coming back. I don’t know this, I haven’t talked to anybody over there, but I wouldn’t rule out Joe returning to WFAN maybe after Labor Day. I wouldn’t rule that out. They did the private investigation, I guess I’m talking out of turn, I don’t work there. But I think you would’ve heard something already. I would not rule out Joe returning there after Labor Day.”

In addition to spreading some intel about his former employer, Russo also predicted the Yankees would close the gap in the American League East against the Red Sox –– despite all of their injuries. The Red Sox’ lead stands at seven games in the loss column.

“I wouldn’t give up on it right now if I were the Yankees,” Russo explained. “They have a lot of easy games, they are 11-3 over their last 14 against the dregs of the American League. In their next 12 games, they play the Marlins, four in Baltimore, three with the White Sox and four with the Tigers. They’re going to win a lot of these games –– they could put me in the lineup. Remember, the Yankees have so much talent. This is not like the Milwaukee Brewers with 1 million injuries. The Yankees have 1 million guys. They have tons of money, and tons of players. I would not rule the Yankees out. The Red Sox are due to calm down a little bit. (Carlos) Carrasco is a good pitcher tonight. Tampa will be a pain in the ass this weekend. I think the Red Sox will win the division, but the Yankees could make this a little more interesting before that first series on the 18th, 19th and 20th of September.”

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, one of Tom Brady’s chief Deflategate critics is also (slightly) down on the Patriots this season. Though Russo says he expects the Pats to capture the division again, he promises he will bet the under on their projected win total. Right now, Las Vegas has it set at 11.

“I am willing to bet the under of the Pats,” Russo said. “I know that’s dangerous, because they’re going to win five games in their division. So they’re going to be 5-1 before you blink an eye –– Buffalo, Miami and the Jets. They’ll lose one of those games. But, and I know this is dangerous, but I will say with all of the loss with offensive personnel –– the linemen, injuries, Edelman out for four games, Amendola leaving, Dion Lewis leaving –– I will go under New England for the year. How fun is it? I hope it’s 11.5 (games) when I eventually bet it. But I will go under.”