Chris Russo tells M&C he's sick of seeing Patriots win, but thinks they'll beat Rams in Super Bowl LIII

Alex Reimer
January 30, 2019 - 10:46 am

It’s rare for a Patriots hater to be as honest as Chris “Mad Dog” Russo. 

In an interview Wednesday with “Mut & Callahan” from Radio Row in Atlanta, the sports talk legend said he’s openly rooting against the Patriots Sunday, because he’s tired of seeing them win. “I’m going to take the Rams, because I can’t root for the Pats,” he explained. “But if my life was on the line, I’d have to think Belichick and Brady will find a way to win the game.”

Russo also addressed the Patriots’ newfound underdog persona, which they have fully embraced heading into Super Bowl LIII. At Opening Night, both Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski fielded questions about the team’s so-called “haters.”

Like most folks who live outside of New England, Russo finds the Patriots’ underdog mentality to be laughable. 

“Nobody anywhere in America thinks the Patriots stink. We all know they’re great,” he said. “Who in the world thinks they stink? Nobody thinks that. They’re just tired of them. We’re sick of the Patriots. You guys love it, but the rest of us are tired of dealing with the Patriots, so we root for the other team.”

Though Russo is open about his Patriots ennui, he views Belichick and Brady as the greatest coach-quarterback combination in NFL history, and says he thinks they will find a way to pull it out against the high-flying Rams –– much to his chagrin.

“The two things I’m thinking about: one, the Rams are pro athletes, and they’re going to be all annoyed about the fact that everyone thinks they shouldn’t be here and the Saints should’ve won the game. They’re going to hear this, ‘The wrong team is in the Super Bowl.’ The only way they can solve that is by beating the Patriots,” Russo said. “So that’s the one thing you like from the LA perspective. From the Patriots perspective, they’re going to lose two close games in a row? Are they going to lose another like that again? You could go either way. I’m not going to pick the Patriots, because I’d have to root for them, but if my life was on the line, I’d have to figure New England would probably figure out a way to win the game.”