Christian Fauria says he was taken out of context in Aaron Hernandez documentary: 'It is so shady'

Alex Reimer
March 19, 2018 - 3:12 pm

Christian Fauria says his words in the recent Aaron Hernandez documentary are taken out of context. 

In “Aaron Hernandez Uncovered,” which aired this weekend on the Oxygen network, Fauria is quoted as saying “coaches” wanted him to work out with Hernandez in order to keep the young tight end on track. The line implies Fauria was talking about the Patriots’ coaching staff. 

"I remember one day I went in, and Aaron was doing this photo shoot. The coaches said, ‘I want you to start working out with us. I want you to be around. I kind of feel like he's going off the deep end. He needs someone to look up to. He needs someone to follow,’” Fauria said. “I was like, 'Fine. I'll do it.' I show up in the morning, and there's no Aaron. Looking back at it, everything happened late that Sunday night, early Monday morning. Of course he was going to show up to that workout after everything that's been going down.”

On OMF Monday, Fauria accused the filmmakers of obfuscating his response, and placing his line about Hernandez's "coaches" out of context. 

“He had a strength coach at an outside facility that was training him,” Fauria explained. “When I saw him, he was doing a New Balance photo shoot at this gym. The gym that I go to all of the time, a bunch of Patriots go to it. It's not at Gillette. Not one coach ever approached me that works for the Patriots, and asked me to talk to him. It was the strength coach at the training facility that he was training at. The ‘coaches' part is deceiving, and makes it look like the coaches were reaching out.”

Fauria concluded by calling the documentary “shady.” 

Kirk Minihane and Gerry Callahan also expressed regret about their decision to participate in the project. Neither of them knew what its angle would be, or that Hernandez attorney Jose Baez was a consulting producer. 

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