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Christian Fauria thinks Gronk needs more than TB12 Method: 'You can't play tight end and just work with bands'

Alex Reimer
December 05, 2018 - 1:19 pm

Last season, Rob Gronkowski credited the TB12 Method for his health and production. The Patriots’ tight end was dominant in December, catching 23 passes for 382 yards in three games. Gronkowski’s performance climaxed in the Super Bowl, where he reeled in nine catches for 116 yards and two scores. 

But this year, it’s a different story. Gronkowski doesn’t appear any stronger after missing three games with back and ankle issues, as he only recorded three receptions for 26 yards in the Patriots’ win over the Vikings. His lack of strength was especially apparent in the second quarter, when he caught a pass one yard shy of the first-down marker and couldn’t shed Vikings safety Anthony Harris to move the chains. 

On OMF Tuesday, former Patriots tight end Christian Fauria diagnosed Gronkowski’s physical problems. In Fauria’s view, Gronk isn’t doing enough traditional weight training. 

“You go into TB12, and you're a tight end. You're not a quarterback. That works for Brady –– (Julian) Edelman does the TB12 Method also. But, (Edelman) is still in the weight room getting stronger,” Fauria said. “He's still got a lot of power in his legs. When guys hurt their backs, they don't have the necessary strength around their hip joints and flexors. That's why I'm not surprised his back went out. That's why he gets called for holding. He can't hold the point of attack as well as he used to. He doesn't have the explosion. That's why he catches the ball one yard behind the first-down marker, and can't find his way out. I think he's weaker. I think he's less flexible.”

It was reported earlier this year that Bill Belichick mocked Gronkowski in front of his teammates for seeking Alex Guerrero’s input at the TB12 Center. Guerrero was allegedly persuading players to listen to him instead of Patriots strength trainer Moses Cabrera, which Fauria thinks is a mistake.

“The right weight room is the one Moses (Cabrera) is overseeing,” he said. “You're squatting, you're benching, you're working on explosive power. You can't play tight end in this league and just work with bands.”

We’ll see if Gronkowski follows Fauria’s advice. Gronk doesn’t have the same strength this December that he enjoyed for the 2017 stretch run. That's for sure.