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Colin Cowherd: Alex Guerrero will be Patriots' scapegoat 'when' they lose in playoffs

Alex Reimer
January 11, 2018 - 2:05 pm

Colin Cowherd continues to say crazy things about the Patriots. The talk show host was perhaps the first, and wildest Jimmy Garoppolo conspiracy theorist, declaring Bill Belichick dealt his future franchise quarterback to the 49ers for a second-round pick to placate Kyle Shanahan, whom he respects. Belichick’s newfound pacification also factored into the Jacoby Brissett trade, Cowherd says, because the Patriots coach respects Colts general manager Chris Ballard, a confidante of Andy Reid.

ESPN the Magazine’s explosive story about an alleged rift between Robert Kraft, Belichick and Brady insinuates Belichick purposefully did not shop Garoppolo to the highest bidder. But the hypothesis about Belichick just looking to take care of his friends during the final stage of his career seems fantastical for even the most creative mind.

But Cowherd is not giving up. In fact, he’s adding more layers to his tale of fiction. On Wednesday, Cowherd declared Alex Guerrero to be the Patriots’ scapegoat when they lose in the AFC playoffs. According to Cowherd, the Patriots don’t have a Super Bowl-caliber pass-rush and an inconsistent receiving corps. They are going down.

“Alex Guerrero is the scapegoat,” Cowherd said. ‘Tom would never throw him –– oh he wouldn’t? OK. Sure. You bet. Yeah. The deflators are out of work. $9 an hour. Just trying to pay their rent. Thrown under the bus. ‘I don’t know nothing. I’m TB12. What are you talking about? Ball? What ball? I couldn’t find a ball in the facility.’”

The “deflators” are John Jastremski and Jim McNally, the two low-level assistants who found themselves mired in the Deflategate scandal. While both men were singled out in the Wells Report –– Jastremski was the equipment manager and McNally allegedly deflated the balls in the bathroom prior to the AFC championship –– Brady never publicly spoke ill of them. In fact, he reportedly called Jastremski to offer support. Earlier this month, Brady said he “feels terrible” both men are no longer with the team.

It’s apparent Belichick views Guerrero as a nuisance. Belichick curtailed Guerrero’s sideline access this season, banning him from the sidelines and team jet. But Cowherd seems to be implying Brady would denigrate Guerrero, too, which doesn’t make sense. The two men are business partners, and Guerrero is the godfather of Brady’s son.

“Alex Guerrero when they lose is going to take the hit hit,” Cowherd said. “You’re going to hear things like, ‘This thing was a smooth sailing luxury liner, then Alex Guerrero came in and was nothing but trouble. I knew from the beginning Alex Guerrero was the issue. He’s pretty good with physical therapy and stuff, but he divided the locker room. Alex Guerrero is the guy, the more we gave him, the more he took, and it blew the whole thing up.’”

Of course, if the Patriots do make the Super Bowl, Cowherd’s theory all falls apart. It looks like somebody will be pulling for the Titans Saturday. Good luck with that. 

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