Colin Cowherd admits national media has anti-Patriots bias

Alex Reimer
January 23, 2019 - 11:18 am

We spend lots of time around these parts bashing national media pundits who lambast Tom Brady and the Patriots at every turn. So it’s only fair to mention when one of our beloved debate show hot take monsters takes Pat Patriot’s side.

Colin Cowherd talked about the biased coverage of the Patriots on his radio show Tuesday, saying the green laser that shined in Brady’s eyes during the AFC championship should be a bigger story. If it happened to Patrick Mahomes in Gillette Stadium, there’s little doubt it would be the lead sports story of the week and feed into the tired “Patriots are cheaters” narrative.

A fan probably pointed the laser in Brady’s eyes, and the Chiefs almost certainly had nothing to do with it, but so what? Facts and logic didn’t get in the way of Sports Illustrated publishing a story about Bill Belichick giving opposing teams warm Gatorade, or a cavalcade of ex-Rams players wrongly accusing the Patriots of taping their pre-Super Bowl walkthrough. 

The NFL says it’s investigating the laser incident, but don’t hold your breath. 

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