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Cris Collinsworth debuts new weird nickname for Tom Brady: 'sneaky little devil'

Alex Reimer
November 05, 2018 - 9:37 am

Tom Brady, like most all-time great athletes, has had many nicknames bestowed upon him throughout his career. In recent years, TB12 has taken on the GOAT moniker, which prompted the NBC production team to dress up a poor and seemingly unsuspecting goat in TB12 regalia for live shots throughout the night. 

The scenes featuring the Brady and Aaron Rodgers’ goats staring at each other in a playpen –– get it??? –– prompted chuckles from Cris Collinsworth all game long. Fortunately for the viewers watching at home, Collinsworth was able to gather himself and debut a new nickname for Brady in the fourth quarter that doesn’t sound weird at all.

“Tom Brady, “sneaky little devil.”

Collinsworth blurted out the slightly flirtatious pet name in the fourth quarter, after Brady had connected with Josh Gordon for a 55-yard touchdown pass. It was Brady’s first touchdown of the evening. 

The evolution of the play is what caught Collinsworth’s eye. Brady originally looked towards Julian Edelman, who was stationed for a possible screen pass. Then Brady’s eyes darted in Gordon’s direction, catching the young members of Green Bay’s depleted secondary off-guard. 

Sneaky little devil, indeed.

Collinsworth was his sharp and annoying self during the Patriots’ 31-17 win Sunday. There were several instances in which he increased my laymen understanding of the game, such as when he pointed out the Packers’ nose guard was playing up on the line of scrimmage to prevent Brady from sneaking the ball into the end zone from the one-yard line, which gave James White just enough space to race forward for the score. 

There were also lots of weirdly timed guffaws and cringeworthy verbiage. Collinsworth called Rodgers’ failed run to the left side at the end of the first half a “kind of naked bootleg run kinda looking thing,” when “scramble to the left” would’ve sufficed. 

Still, much like Tony Romo, whose energetic idiosyncrasies can also be irritating, Collinsworth is head and shoulders above most of the banal cliche monsters who call NFL games each week. He usually tells you something new, including one additional nickname for the best quarterback ever.