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Dan Le Batard lashes back at WEEI for mocking his emotional response to ESPN president John Skipper's resignation

Alex Reimer
December 20, 2017 - 2:48 pm

On Monday, ESPN’s Dan Le Batard weeped on the air when ex-ESPN president John Skipper announced he was leaving the company due to substance abuse. Predictably, hosts at WEEI made fun of Le Batard for his emotional breakdown, given that Skipper is a multimillionaire who’s just leaving his job. 

Well, Le Batard did not take kindly to the jabs thrown his way. He responded to his critics Tuesday, appearing to insinuate their mockery is rooted in racial bias. 

“I knew many people could not be trusted (with the sound),” Le Batard said. "I could tell you the pigmentation, I could tell you what these people look like, without seeing the Internet at all. I am going to be disconnected this entire week. You're not going to see a computer up by me. You're not going to see me connected to anything.”

Le Batard went on to specifically name WEEI, as well as Barstool Sports, as the chief offenders. He referred to both outlets as that “Boston army.” 

Later, he said the beating he took on the WEEI airwaves is representative of the “giant fight going on in this country that reaches all the way to the White House.”

It’s difficult to comprehend how the response to Le Batard’s melodramatics ties into racial animus and political polarization. It’s possible the next president of ESPN might ask those questions, too, which might explain why Le Batard is so distraught. His benefactor is gone. 

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