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Dave Portnoy and Sam Ponder are still feuding over cancellation of Barstool's ESPN show

Alex Reimer
September 12, 2018 - 12:49 pm

The spat between Barstool Sports and ESPN's Sam Ponder over the cancellation of “Barstool Van Talk” is continuing into its second year.

For those who have lives and don’t memorize these things, Barstool had a short-lived late-night talk show on ESPN last fall. It lasted one episode, seemingly due to internal pressure from employees who were uneasy about the WorldWide Leader going into business with the controversial company. Ponder, who is one of Barstool’s most outspoken critics at ESPN, tweeted out screenshots from a 2014 Barstool blog telling her to “f— herself” when the program debuted. 

Barstool CEO Dave Portnoy attributes “Van Talk’s” cancellation to Ponder’s public and reportedly private lobbying. In an Instagram story Tuesday, Ponder shot back. “I specifically told those who asked that I did NOT want their show cancelled and that I’d gladly be a guest on their show to discuss how their president made a video saying [daughter] Scout should have been aborted. But OKAY,” she said, per the New York Post.

Portnoy, in turn, published a blog post saying Ponder is being dishonest about her role in the show’s demise. 

“She wanted to sabotage us at the expense of her own company and that’s exactly what she did,” he wrote. “But I don’t think even she understood what she was doing. She didn’t understand the grave she dug for herself and her career. Now Stoolies DESPISE her. (‘Pardon My Take’) fans DESPISE her. She alienated the very audience that ESPN needs so desperately and why they turned to us in the first place. And now she is feeling the heat. Her rankings and likability are in the toilet. Her career is in the toilet.”

There you have it. Portnoy and Ponder are still going at each other, which is definitely a good thing for Portnoy. It allows him to continue to rage against the machine, even though several ESPN personalities are regular guests on the popular “Pardon My Take” podcast and other Barstool projects. 

Good media beefs never die.