Pedro Martinez doesn't appear to buy David Ortiz mistaken identity theory, says Ortiz was 'targeted' in shooting

Alex Reimer
July 22, 2019 - 10:21 am

It doesn’t appear as if many Dominican natives are buying the David Ortiz mistaken identity theory, including Pedro Martinez.

Weeks ago, Dominican authorities curiously claimed Ortiz was wrongly targeted in the shooting at Dial Bar and Lounge in Santo Domingo June 9. The island’s attorney general, Jean Alain Rodríguez Sánchez, told reporters one of Ortiz’s friends sitting with him that night, Sixto David Fernandez, was the intended victim of the hit. According to Dominican police, Fernandez’s cousin, Victor Hugo Gomez Vasquez, wanted retribution for Fernandez reporting him to the cops roughly eight years ago. 

Prior to his arrest, Gomez Vasquez professed his innocence in the ordeal. Fernandez did the same in a radio interview.

In a conversation with the Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy in Cooperstown over the weekend, Pedro didn’t elaborate on Ortiz’s situation. He did, however, unequivocally say he thinks Ortiz was the intended target of the shooting. “The only thing I will say is that this is the first time a baseball player was targeted in our country.,” Martinez explained.

Shaughnessy adds “no one” whom he encountered at the Baseball Hall of Fame ceremonies believes the mistaken identity theory. 

At least 14 suspects have been apprehended in connection to the shooting. Ortiz recently underwent a third surgery and is still recovering at Mass General. The iconic slugger suffered traumatic injuries to his liver, intestines, and gall bladder. 

Though few additional details about the Ortiz shooting have come to light in recent weeks, his past associations with some shady characters have resurfaced. In a Sunday Globe feature story, Bob Hohler cites a previously unreported extortion attempt that Ortiz fell victim to in 2014. An ex-convict, Felix A. Paulino, filmed Ortiz flirting with women in a private room at Venu nightclub and threatened to sell the video to TMZ for $20,000. Paulino eventually pleaded guilty.

The case received little coverage, because prosecutors concealed Ortiz’s identity due to his privacy rights as a victim, Hohler reports. 

Former Red Sox security agent Eddie Dominguez, who wrote a book in 2018 about his experiences, talked to “Mut & Callahan” in June about Ortiz’s ties to a Dominican convict nicknamed “Monga,” who was ensnared in a gambling sting for betting against the Sox while he was a frequent presence in the team's clubhouse. “Monga” was eventually sent to prison for making false claims of U.S. citizenship.

The Daily Mail and New York tabloids initially reported a drug kingpin organized the plot against Ortiz, because of the Red Sox great’s ongoing affair with his wife, Dominican model Maria Garcia. Records indicate Ortiz bought Garcia a luxury SUV one day before the shooting, and he was videotaped getting into an altercation in the hospital waiting room the night of the incident.

There has been no follow-up reporting on that angle. 

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