Dominican police identify man who allegedly paid suspects to shoot David Ortiz

Alex Reimer
June 18, 2019 - 9:54 am

Dominican authorities say they’ve identified the man who planned to pay the men who shot David Ortiz last week. In court documents released Monday, he is revealed as Alberto Miguel Rodríguez Mota, whom police say is already a fugitive, according to the Associated Press

Ten suspects have been detained in connection with the shooting, including the alleged liaison between Mota and the two organizers, Gabriel Alexánder Pérez Vizcaíno, nicknamed “The Bone.” He was part of a court hearing Monday.

The two reported organizers of the apparent assassination attempt, Jose Eduardo Ciprián and Carlos Alvarez, are already serving prison sentences for unrelated crimes. Police say Vizcaino was the point of contact between Ciprian and Mota. Ciprian is the person who organized the attack and was responsible for distributing the $7,800 to those involved in the hit, according to Dominican law enforcement. The alleged gunman, Rolfi Ferreira-Cruz, told reporters from his jail cell last week he was targeting somebody besides Ortiz.

While police have filled in some of the details regarding the shooting, they still haven’t identified the mastermind or motive. The Daily Mail and other outlets cite anonymous Dominican officials who say the hit was organized by a drug kingpin who was upset about Ortiz’s alleged romance with model Maria Yeribell Martinez Garcia. Garcia denies any romantic involvement with the married Ortiz, instead saying the two are family friends. 

Receipts show Ortiz bought Garcia an $85,000 Lexus SUV one day before the attack, and she was videotaped getting into an altercation with members of Ortiz's entourage in the hospital waiting room. 

In an interview Monday with “Mut & Callahan,” former Red Sox security agent Eddie Dominguez said he doesn’t trust Dominican authorities to be entirely truthful about the case, especially if it involves a powerful drug lord.

“I believe there is someone powerful behind (the shooting) who isn’t behind bars,” he said. “When the story first came out, they said it was an attempted robbery. The minute I saw the video, there’s no question it was a hit. It was a murder for hire. That’s the way it happened. Obviously, the guy didn’t have as good of a shot as I’m sure the guy who paid him expected him to (have), but there’s no way that was a robbery. … David is very popular in the D.R. He’s loved there, no question about that. I’m sure they’re going to try to put the best spin possible on it, but I’m not quite sure you’ll ever get the whole story from the Dominicans. I think the only way you’ll get to the bottom of this is if United States law enforcement officials get involved.”