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David Price and Carson Smith easy to mock for bizarre injuries

Alex Reimer
May 16, 2018 - 1:55 pm

Baseball players are often mocked for being soft and fragile. Red Sox pitchers David Price and Carson Smith have exacerbated that narrative with some bizarre physical issues this month. 

Price’s mild case of carpal tunnel syndrome appears to be behind him, as the $217 million hurler threw five impressive innings against the Blue Jays Saturday. But Price’s words last week indicate his temperamental left hand could bother him for the remainder of the season. 

"I'm going to sleep with a brace on," he told reporters, including WEEI’s Ryan Hannable. "Doing stuff like that to make sure my wrist stays locked back and doesn't get bent up under me. Stuff like that. I'm just going to try and take the use out of my left hand out of a lot of I guess every day stuff that I would normally use it. This morning I brushed my teeth with my right hand just to not use my left. Stuff like that. Just keep an eye on it and make sure I don't use my left hand for everything like I usually do.”

Apparently Price is so fragile, he can’t even brush his teeth without opening himself to injury. Hopefully he also manages to avoid dangers like fresh-cut grass and dogs, or else his allergies might act up, like they did when he abbreviated his bullpen session in Texas May 6. (Given that Price owns a dog, Astro, that doesn’t appear likely.)

But at least Price, who also claims to battle circulation problems, hasn’t missed significant time. Smith may not be that lucky. The veteran reliever threw his glove in frustration Monday after allowing a home run to A’s outfielder Khris Davis. According to the Red Sox, the fit of rage and subsequent shoulder subluxation could land Smith on the disabled list for a long time. That's bad news, especially considering Smith is just two years removed from Tommy John surgery. 

"It's got the potential to be a major injury," Dombrowski told reporters at Fenway Tuesday.

Smith blamed the situation on “fatigue” in his shoulder. He’s thrown 14.1 innings this season, the lowest workload of any pitcher who’s been with the Red Sox from Opening Day onwards. 

These guys make it too easy.

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