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Derek Jeter's Marlins revoke reporter's credentials after critical coverage

Alex Reimer
May 21, 2018 - 3:32 pm

Derek Jeter has been involved with more public relations fiascos in his eight months as Marlins owner than in his 20-year playing career. Since October, the Jeter-led Marlins have traded away almost all of their good players, fired an employee while he was in the hospital, cut ties with the organization’s few respected alumni and lost their one notable fan. Most embarrassingly, it was discovered the Marlins dubiously claim their corporate citizenship is actually based in the British Virgin Islands, because a member of the franchise’s ownership group is based there. As a result, the team’s lawyers recently argued Miami-Dade County’s lawsuit against the organization has no jurisdiction in the friendlier South Florida courts. 

Miami radio host Andy Slater and the spurned Marlins Man recently took a trip to the British Virgin Islands to find that the team’s corporate address is nothing more than a post office box. The discovery exposes the Marlins for appearing to dodge legal ramifications. It’s an awful look for a duplicitous organization that rightfully gets scorned on a regular basis. 

Shortly after Slater’s finding, the Marlins revoked his press pass. In an interview on the Dan Le Batard show, he said the team told him it doesn’t approve of his coverage. 

“I was basically told that I could not come cover the Marlins," Slater said, per NJ.com. "I was denied credentials right after I went to the British Virgin Islands, that trip. I was actually approved for the next day, for that Sunday, and then I got a denial email, and then was denied about a week later when I applied yet again. I spoke to Marlins PR and they basically don't like the way that I cover the team. So I've been denied credentials since then.”

The media often lauded Jeter when he was a player, and it’s apparent the Yankees great struggles to take criticism. Last month, he called Bryant Gumbel “mentally weak” for asking whether the Marlins were tanking the season. 

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