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Doc Rivers say he wishes 2008 Celtics would settle rift with Ray Allen

Alex Reimer
September 05, 2018 - 10:01 am

Doc Rivers just wants everybody to get along. 

In a recent interview with ESPN’s Chris Forsberg, Rivers says he's saddened about Ray Allen's estrangement from his teammates on the 2008 Celtics. Allen is in the midst of longstanding feuds with Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett, and told the Athletic he doesn't expect to hear from any of his former Boston running mates when he's inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame on Friday. 

"As years have gone on, things have been fractured, and I hate it. I hate seeing it," Rivers told Forsberg. "I would love this (to be a) celebration for Ray. Not a lot to say here about it. Ray won us a title. He really did.”

It's apparent Rivers still holds great reverence for the 2008 C's, who rode the magic of Ubuntu to a championship. In fact, if Rivers had to win one game as a head coach, that’s the group of guys he would put out on the floor.

"On the floor, I'd take that group every night to go to war,” Rivers said. “If I had one game to win for my life, I'm taking that 2008 group and we're going to go to war, because you know they were going to show up and do it together.”