Donald Trump lavishes Belichick, Kraft and Brady with love in Oval Office interview

Alex Reimer
January 31, 2019 - 10:35 am

Donald Trump is serenading all of his pals on the Patriots with love on their way to the Super Bowl.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller, Trump extolled Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady for reaching their ninth Super Bowl together. “It’s talent, it’s chemistry — they have a great chemistry with each other — I mean, I like all three of them, as you know, I’m a very good friend with them,” the President said. “Coach Belichick endorsed me, you remember that?”

Of course we remember that! Belichick wrote Trump a fawning letter in the thick of the 2016 presidential race, which he read aloud at a rally in New Hampshire the night before the election.  Amazingly, the often understated Belichick used many Trumpisms in the letter, including a line about how Trump dealt with an “unbelievable, slanted and negative media and came out beautifully.”

Trump also lavished Kraft with praise, which isn’t surprising, since their friendship that dates back many years. Kraft has visited Trump at the White House and even flown on Air Force One. The Patriots’ owner criticized Trump for his anti-NFL rhetoric in league meetings during the kneeling saga last season, but it appears as if Trump has brushed that fleeting display of disloyalty aside.

Speaking of which, Trump saved perhaps his most glowing words for Brady, who blew him off at the White House in 2017. At the Patriots’ Super Bowl ceremony, Trump didn’t even mention Brady, an apparent sign the President was scorned by TB12’s no-show. 

But that is in the past. It looks like Trump is extending an olive branch. “Belichick is so tough and Kraft is a great guy," he said. “The three of them they just have — how good was Brady, I mean, the last game? Not the last game, the last two games. Brady plays better under pressure than he does in a regular game. I mean, that last two minutes, the way he was throwing the ball down the field — they were bullets.”

If the Patriots outlast the Rams Sunday, another White House visit will be on the docket. We’ll see if Brady returns Trump’s love. 

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