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ESPN will reportedly prohibit Adrian Wojnarowski from tweeting picks ahead of time during NBA Draft

Alex Reimer
June 20, 2018 - 12:31 pm

There will be no Woj Bombs during the NBA Draft Thursday.

ESPN will prohibit its reporters from releasing draft picks before they’re announced, according to Awful Announcing. Previously, the WorldWide Leader has allowed its NBA Insiders to circumvent Adam Silver and tweet the selections in real time. But as the league’s largest television partner, ESPN has decided to stop the practice.

The reported edict greatly affects Adrian Wojnarowski, whose practice of scooping every team on their own draft picks catapulted him to media superstardom. Last year, when Wojnarowski worked for Yahoo Sports, he announced almost every single selection before it was revealed on TV. 

But Wojnarowski would seemingly still be silenced even if he were still at Yahoo. The NBA’s other broadcast partners, including Yahoo and Turner, have reportedly agreed to not spoil the draft either. That means Shams Charania, Woj’s understudy, won’t be able to beat his mentor.

It’s understandable as to why the NBA doesn’t want its draft to be spoiled. ESPN and NFL Network never share picks ahead of time during the NFL Draft. The NBA appears to want similar respect from its partners.

Now every draft pick will be a surprise. That is, unless an enterprising young reporter at an unaffiliated outlet fills the void. NBA rookies may not be the only people who see their careers get launched Thursday.

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