ESPN's Brian Windhorst on K&C: Celtics have path to sign LeBron, but it's unlikely

Alex Reimer
June 11, 2018 - 10:23 am

LeBron James whisperer Brian Windhorst is pouring some cold water on the LeBron-to-Boston fervor. 

In an interview Monday on “Kirk & Callahan,” Windhorst said he doesn’t think it’s likely that James signs with the Celtics. But Windhorst is cautious to rule out the possibility, because he says James will likely consider a wide range of imperfect destinations this summer. 

“I think the Celtics should call when he becomes available. They called in 2014,” Windhorst said. “I think there are certain things the Celtics could offer and present to him. I think there are downsides, too. I don’t see an option for him that is perfect, but I don’t see an option that doesn’t have a significant compromise for him. Because of that, he really has a lot of average to below average to above average options. If the field is wide-open like that, I think it behooves every team to at least throw their hat in the ring. There’s a path, I don’t think it’s likely.”

Stephen A. Smith, Windhorst’s colleague at ESPN, started the LeBron mania when he said last week the three-time NBA champ will have a “conversation” with the Celtics in free agency, along with multiple other teams. Windhorst politely underplayed Smith’s declaration, saying only a limited number of people have insight into James’ decision-making process.

“There’s only two or three people who really, really know what LeBron is thinking. Those two or three people don’t talk that much,” Windhorst said. “(Smith is) certainly not one of those two or three people. Maybe he talks to them.” 

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