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Ex-Patriots OL Ryan O'Callaghan on NFL Combine questions about sexuality: Would have 'scared the s--- out of me'

Alex Reimer
March 08, 2018 - 3:40 pm

Former Patriots offensive lineman Ryan O’Callaghan admits to thinking about suicide when he was closeted. In an interview last year on “Two Outs,” he said he viewed football as an escape from his dim reality. 

So you can only imagine O’Callaghan’s reaction when he found out an NFL team asked LSU running back Derrius Guice if he likes men. Pro Football Talk says it confirmed the question was posed.

“It would have scared the s--- out of me,” O’Callaghan told OutSports in an interview. “I played football as a cover for being gay, and I thought that kind of stuff would have never gotten asked in the NFL. I always assumed the coaches would just assume everyone was straight.”

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy called the question “completely inappropriate.” Two years ago, a Falcons coach asked Giants cornerback Eli Apple about his sexual orientation. That coach, Marquand Manuel, is now the Falcons’ defensive coordinator. 

This Guice episode is another reminder of NFL teams’ continued reliance on outdated football stereotypes. Already this offseason, the Seahawks reportedly traded star lineman Michael Bennett because they want a “quieter locker room,” unnamed scouts have crucified Josh Rosen for having an opinion and Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said his players will stand for the national anthem –– only to backtrack 24 hours later.

It seems as if a portion of the NFL will always be stuck in 1976.