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Tedy Bruschi shuts down Max Kellerman for saying he would take Patrick Mahomes over Tom Brady

Alex Reimer
October 12, 2018 - 10:29 am

Max Kellerman loves to troll Tom Brady, so it’s not surprising he says he would take Patrick Mahomes over TB12 for the rest of the season. Kellerman’s predictable soliloquy about the subject on “First Take” Thursday centered around Carson Wentz, and how the Eagles’ pass-thrower was better than Brady through the first 13 weeks of last season, until he got hurt. While Kellerman’s argument was difficult to follow, he seemed to suggest that quarterbacks can be better than Brady for a stretch of time, and that’s why he’s going with the ultra-talented Mahomes. 

Tedy Bruschi swatted that take out of the studio like Dikembe Mutombo in his prime. 

The ex-Patriots linebacker went in on Kellerman, much to the apparent enjoyment of Stephen A. Smith. Bruschi talked about how it’s too early to peg Mahomes for greatness, since he’s so unproven.

“Are we talking about Carson Wentz now? Can we stick to Mahomes?,” Bruschi said. “There are so many other things that are unknown about Patrick Mahomes. Stephen A. talked about the inclement weather. Officials start to call the game differently in December, in the playoffs. How is he going to react to that when he doesn’t have the wide open receivers because of scheme? Does he have an accurate arm? Yes, he’s a very accurate passer. But there are so many things he doesn’t know yet. When you reach Thanksgiving, defenses end up catching up towards the end of the season. Officials start calling the game differently, those kinds of things. How will Andy Reid react as a play-caller if that 10-15 play script is survived, and no one is fooled by the smoke and mirrors now, and it’s 0-0 going into half, or it’s only 7-7, a low-scoring game? How do they react coming out of that as a coaching staff with Mahomes? So much more, which is why any educated person, knowing how the New England Patriots surge towards Thanksgiving, would pick Tom Brady.”

Talk about a shut down. While Mahomes has been spectacular this season –– his 10-point fourth quarter comeback against the Broncos on the road two weeks ago might’ve been his most impressive showing yet –– there’s still so much we don't know about him. For example, he threw 25 interceptions in 25 games in his last two seasons at Texas Tech, showing his lack of turnovers so far might be an aberration. Mahomes threw two picks in Kansas City’s blowout win over the Jaguars last week.

The 2017 first-round pick is dazzling to watch, no doubt. But his track record includes five weeks, whereas Brady has 18 years of excellence. And judging by Brady’s three-touchdown performance against the Colts in Week 5, he might’ve just needed Julian Edelman back to break out of his early-season slump. 

Mahomes may very well pass Brady over the next year, but it’s premature to say that now, for all of the reasons Bruschi outlined.