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Former Patriots OL recounts beer-chugging contest against Tom Brady

Alex Reimer
March 13, 2018 - 1:52 pm

Tom Brady displayed his beer-chugging prowess on the “Late Show” with Stephen Colbert Monday, demolishing the comedian in a drinking contest. While Brady admittedly doesn’t throw back beers like he once did –– the carb intake doesn’t mesh with the TB12 method –– he was a legendary chugger in his day. On Tuesday, Ex-Patriots offensive lineman Rich Ohrenberger relayed a well-told story about the damage Brady did while waiting out a snowstorm in Buffalo. At this point, the tale is part of Brady’s legend.

On Dec. 26, 2010, the Patriots routed the Bills to clinch the AFC East. They couldn’t take off for Boston due to a blizzard –– another reason why this story is timely –– and were forced to stay in nearby Rochester for the night. Brady joined his teammates for a night of BBQ and beer, and according to the 300-pound Ohrenberger, challenged him to a chugging match. 

“He was greeted with high fives and hugs... but in typical Tom Brady form, he knew there was work to be done before the fun could continue. We locked eyes, he spoke two words, ‘You ready?,’ Ohrenberger tweeted. “‘Go!!!!!!’ Bottoms up. Glasses slam down in cacophonous synchronicity... however, one glass touched first… Arms raised over my head, cheers raining down, my glass wobbled to a stop, our eyes met, mine filled with wonderment and shock, his with fire and confusion...I beat ...Tom Brady.  

“He nodded approvingly, and although I couldn’t hear him say it over the cheers... his lips read “Okay....ok.”  He reached across the beer soaked table top, scattered with wing bones and assorted detritus, and shook my hand.”

Patriots backup quarterback Brian Hoyer, who also made the trip, recounted that night last year to ESPN’s Mike Reiss for Brady’s 40th birthday.

“The whole team is there. And it turns into a beer-chugging contest,” Hoyer said, via ESPN. “You have linemen, Julian Edelman, they all think they are going to win. Then someone says, 'I heard Tom is really great at chugging a beer.' We don't usually get to experience him like this, but we finally coax him into doing it. He does it, and let me tell you, you couldn't have poured out the beer faster into a glass. It was unbelievable.” 

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