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Brady hater Rob Parker has his worst take yet: 'Brady is one of luckiest players of all-time'

Alex Reimer
August 09, 2018 - 12:04 pm

It’s mid-August and we are in the midst of the sports doldrums. That means it’s the perfect time for some outlandish Tom Brady takes!

OK, it’s always a good time for asinine opinions about Brady (I would know, since I have given my fair share of them). But there’s something special about training camp Brady takes, especially this summer, since TB12 has thrown less at practice in comparison to recent years. Is Brady hurt? Is Bill Belichick spiting his quarterback? The questions ask themselves. 

On FS1 Wednesday, resident Brady hater Rob Parker delivered a whopper. When discussing Pro Football Focus’ decision to rank Brady ahead of Aaron Rodgers on its QB rankings, Parker said Brady, who’s won five Super Bowls, No. 3 all-time in touchdowns. No. 5 all-time in yards and No. 3 all-time in QBR, primary has luck to thank for his success at the position.

Even Skip Bayless appeared to be mesmerized. 

“Tom Brady is one of the luckiest players of all time,” Parker said to a seemingly dumbfounded Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. “Things just always happen. When I think of Tom Brady –– Tom Brady has fumbled in some of the biggest moments in big games. He lost the Super Bowl this year, remember with two minutes to go? Then against the Raiders, he fumbled the football. The Raiders should’ve won the game.”

As an aside, it’s telling that Parker references something that happened 16 years ago as his second example. That’s a telltale sign his argument his thin.

But the biggest indication that Parker has no substance to back up his bile is the fact that he says Super Bowl LII is a black mark on Brady’s career. The reigning NFL MVP threw for 505 yards in that game. It was maybe the greatest Super Bowl quarterback performance ever. If the Patriots’ defense could stop Nick Foles with even a modicum of regularity, they would’ve won that game.

The benching of Malcolm Butler, and not Brady’s late-fourth quarter fumble, cost the Patriots against the Eagles. Everybody knows that, apparently except the guy who once compared Brady to Lance Armstrong

We should’ve seen this coming.